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'image of the cheminas award certificate with the recipient name and title of the poster'

MicroTAS 2022 - CHEMINAS Award!

Dr. Zhehao Zhang, a recent doctorate from our lab won the CHEMINAS Award for his poster titled: ‘Multiplexed, self-calibrated potentiometric sensor system for long-term, in situ measurements’. The Society for Chemistry and Micro-Nano…

Sara Cardona MS thesis defense

Sara defends her UIC MS thesis!

Sara Cardona successfully defended her UIC MS thesis in biomedical engineering. Her project focused on ‘Numerical optimization of a microfluidic system for hydrodynamic trapping of tumor cells’. She also defended her italian thesis…

Filippo Amadeo MS defense

Filippo defends MS thesis!

Filippo Amadeo successfully defended his MS thesis in biomedical engineering. His work focused on ‘Polycarbonate Masters for Soft Lithography’.  Congratulations!

New paper on polycarbonate masters for soft lithography out!

Filippo’s paper on Polycarbonate Masters for Soft Lithography has just been published on Micromachines! If you are eager to know more about this fabrication technique check out the full article at the following…

MicroTAS 2021 - Palm Springs (CA)

Two abstracts from our lab have been accepted for poster presentations at the MicroTAS 2021 conference to be held in a hybrid online/in person format in Palm Springs from 10-14 October,2021. The two…

Paper on ion selective electrodes recently published!

Zhehao Zhang’s paper has been published in Electroanalysis! If you are interested to know more about miniature ion selective electrodes with carbon black as a solid contact, check it out here :…

New paper out!

Elena’s new paper is published in Environmental Science & Technology! The paper describes validation of our electrochemical sensor system, which could be a useful tool for rapid identification of manganese levels in drinking…

Multiple Awards at the BIOE Annual Research Symposium

Congratulations to Zhehao Zhang who won the 1st place for Graduate Student Talk and to Amanda Bogseth who won 2nd place for Undergraduate Student Talk at the BIOE Annual Research Symposium! Caterina Andreasi…

BIOE Annual Research Symposium

Amanda Bogseth and Zhehao Zhang will give oral presentations and Caterina Andreasi Bassi, Hua Gao and Qiyue Luan will present posters at the UIC BIOE annual research symposium to be held virtually on…

Caterina defends MS thesis!

Caterina Andreasi Bassi successfully defended her MS thesis in bioengineering. Congratulations!

18th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors (IMCS)

Four lab members (Dr. Zhizhen Wu, Caterina Andreasi Bassi, Elena Boselli, and Zhehao Zhang) will be giving oral presentations at the 18th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors (IMCS) in June. More details at…

Welcome to our new graduate student!

Sara Cardona from Politecnico di Milano joins the Papautsky lab at UIC. She is the sixth Milano student to join the lab. Welcome aboard!

The first journal paper of 2021!

Jian’s paper on dynamics of inertial migration is accepted to Biomicrofluidics. You can read it here: It’s our first paper of 2021! Congratulations!

Review paper in Microsystems & Nanoengineering

Our review paper on viscoelastic microfluidics that highlights progress and challenges is now published in Microsystems & Nanoengineering. Its open access, and you can read it here: Congratulations!

Award for Graduate Research

Congratulations to Qiyue Luan who was awarded UIC Award for Graduate Research! More details at

Welcome to our new graduate student!

Filippo Amadeo from Politecnico di Milano joins the Papautsky lab at UIC. He is the fifth Milano student to join the lab. Welcome aboard!

Outstanding paper award from Microsystems & Nanoengineering

Our paper on the new microfluidics device that can detect cancer cells wins Outstanding Paper award from from Microsystems & Nanoengineering journal. The department story is at

NIOSH OEHS Center Pilot award

Congratulations to Caterina Andreasi Bassi for winning the NIOSH Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety Center Pilot award! Well done!

Welcome to our new undergraduate student!

Destiny Cruickshank, Bioengineering sophomore, joins the Papautsky lab for the summer as part of the College of Engineering GPIP program. Welcome aboard!

18th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors

Dr. Papautsky is invited to join the Organizing Committee for the 18th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors (IMCS) to be held in Chicago, IL on May 30th to June 3rd. Should be an…

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