The Papautsky Lab performs highly multi-disciplinary research, from fundamental science to applied work. Our mission is to understand and develop microfluidic systems and point-of-care sensors for improving public health and safety. We also have a strong interest in developing microfabrication and nanofabrication techniques.  The Papautsky Lab has extensive experience and practical knowledge in design and development of microfluidic and point-of-care sensor systems. We also have extensive knowledge of clean room operations as well as the associated equipment needed to fabricate and characterize micro devices and systems. We are a founding member of the NSF Center for Advanced Design and Manufacturing of Integrated Microfluidics (CADMIM) and  the Ohio Center for Microfluidic Innovation (OCMI).

Current Major Research Thrusts

Inertial Microfluidics.  Inertial focusing has been attracting considerable interest in recent years due to immensely promising applications in cell separations and sorting. We envision promising applications and easy integration of our devices with existing lab-on-a-chip systems for cell separations.

Point-of-Care Electrochemical Sensors.  We are developing portable electrochemical sensors for rapid point-of-care assessment of exposure to heavy metals.  This work also extends to the development of sensors for determination of biomarkers in biological fluids.

Microfabrication.  There is a strong need for simple methods of mid- to large-scale fabrication of microfluidic and sensor systems. We are investigating methods that range from roll-to-roll fabrication to micromilling to 3D printing to polymer casting.


09.26.2016 Dr. Papautsky gives talks at the SelectBio Lab-on-a-Chip World Congress and Liquid Biopsy meetings in San Diego, CA.


08.16.2016 We moved! The lab transitioned to the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Stay tuned for mode updates!


06.24.2016 Four papers were invited for presentation at the prestigious MicroTAS 2016 meeting in Dublin, Ireland.


06.22.2016 NIH story on our electrochemical sensors: "Enabling Community Science through a Point-of-Care Sensor to Detect Toxic Heavy Metals"


05.20.2016 A short story in ScienceDaily on our vortex separator: "Integrated inertial microfluidic vortex sorter for tunable sorting, purification of cells"


05.20.2016 Another story in BioAnalysis Zone on our vortex separator: "Novel inertial microfluidic device could enhance sorting and purification of cells" by Ayan Ali


05.04.2016 Editorial on our R2R chip in Science Translational Medicine"Extra! Extra! Microfluidic chips go to print" by Cesar M. Castro


03.28.2016 Dr. Papautsky receives the Distinguished Engineering Researcher award. Congratulations!!


03.07.2016 Dr. Papautsky gave an invited talk at the Pittcon conference in Atlanta, GA. BMSL work was also presented in 3 additional talks and posters.


02.23.2016 Dr. Papautsky gave an invited keynote talk at the 8th Workshop of Chemical and Biological Micro Laboratory Technology in Ilmenau, Germany.




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